Hi! Lani here and I’ve got some free training for you!



Hello there!

 I hope you’ve been marvelous!

There have been some new and exciting things going on here. I started co-coaching an amazing virtual, live program for entrepreneurs. As I wrapped up our last group coaching course, Client Attraction Networking Blueprint, there were some discussions that made me think of you.

 I realized that I haven’t offered a free training in quite a while and so  I  decided to get the ball rolling and  now I’m ready to deliver!

 But before I give you access to the free webinar, I want to point something out…

If you’ve taken a close look at what successful people do to attract clients and grow their business, you’ll find that many of them, from the big names in the world to the one-person show, are actively networking.

When I started my first business I knew that being an entrepreneur was going to be a lifelong endeavor and I wanted to know what it was going to take to build long-term success and that’s when I discovered the power of networking.  And it’s been the #1 way that I’ve been able to get up to 90% of my revenue.

Are you in business for the long haul too? If so, I’d like to help you.

You see, I’m passionate about teaching other entrepreneurs, sales professionals and direct sales consultants how to use the power of networking to create a thriving business, doing what you love and living your definition of success.

And that’s why I’m inviting you to my complimentary online training called: Client Attraction Networking and it’s happening next week so reserve your spot and mark your calendar right now!

Here’s the link to get instant access to the details and reserve your spot: https://qa293.isrefer.com/go/canw/Lani/

Networking doesn’t have to be a difficult and awkward experience. If you want to know how to attract more clients, create your own personal brand and connect with others in an authentic and genuine way, you’ll want to be on this training.

Face-to-face networking isn’t about sales so you don’t need to feel pressure to give one sales pitch after the other. In fact, when you learn to do networking the way I teach it, you’ll actually enjoy it!

Join me for this transformational free training and discover what you may be doing and saying that’s keeping you from getting better results from your networking efforts.