Dress Thinner Instantly!

What is it with women always wanting to look slimmer? Why can’t we just accept our bodies the way they are? This is an age-old question and the answer differs depending on what country you live in and perhaps even what nationality you are. The only thing I know for sure is that my clients always want to look slimmer and there are really good options to achieve this!

Check it out!


1. Layer darker colors under lighter ones: We know that dark colors make things recede and brighter colors make things objects stand out, so by layering dark underneath, you give the illusion that your body underneath is smaller.




2. Buy nude heels: Purchase shoes that match the skin tone of your legs. We’re playing with color again. Nude shoes give the illusion of longer legs because it visually extends your legs down to the







3. The perfect jeans look: Boot-leg dark denim paired with heels and a cute top with accessories. Note the way the jeans cover part of the heel for an elongated, slimmer look!













4. Buy a long cardigan. The lightweight sweater knits can be worn all year round plus because they are lean and graze at your hips, instead of around your waist, they make your torso appear longer as well.







5. Watch your proportions: We all like to play up our flattering body parts but the trick is knowing how to play up the good and camouflage the bad!  If you’re wearing a fuller bottom, then wear a slimmer top and vice versa.









6. Choose shapely skirts: Dressing slimmer, means buying leaner clothing silhouettes. The extra fabric is not flattering unless you are very thin and trying to look larger! Buy a fitted pencil skirt with an empire waist if your midsection is your best asset!


Once you’ve collected some great basics, check out each season’s trends and work them into your wardrobe. Now put on a great big smile and show your confidence because It’s all about workin’ what you’re rockin’ because this is your body and you’ve got to own it!

The choice is always yours, make it a good one!

~ Lani