A Girl's Got to have her Boots!

Is it my imagination, but the minute the weather turns colder, do you see 80% of the female population walking around in boots? With the huge popularity of boots and the confusing and countless array of styles you have to choose from, it’s no wonder you need a little hand-holding.

But never fear; you have me, your personal and loyal stylist to the rescue! Check out the styles below and instructions on how and what to wear with them.



1.  The high boot- From heeled dress boots to Equestrian styles, the high boot is a must-have for adding versatility and extending your dress and skirt season into the cold.  Equestrian boots are widely popular this year and come in many shades with cool epaulets and straps galore. Wear them with long (to the calf) fuller style skirts, leggings, and skinny jeans. You can wear any long boot with fitted skirts, but leave a few inches between your hem and the boot. Choose a flat-heeled style to wear with a mini skirt and tights.




2.  Booties and ankle boots- Booties are everywhere in all colors and are seen from casual to eveningwear. They’re a mix of somewhere between shoes and boots. Booties look best with short as well as long skirts. It’s the in-between length that’s the wrong proportion and unflattering.  Ankle boots are a little taller on the ankle, but the rules on how  to wear both are very similar. Short boots look great with long skirts, showing very little skin. I like them better with wider, longer skirts, but narrow works fine in some instances. In general, all pants look great over booties or ankle boots, but if you wear jeans tucked into them, make sure the jeans are very snug on the calves so as to avoid that balloon effect (not attractive)! If you like your legs, wear them with short skirts at least 2 inches above the knee and avoid short, wide skirts to avoid the figure skater effect!



3. Cowboy boots- These boots are statement pieces in their own right, so keep the rest of your outfit simple! Tuck dark-wash,  skinny jeans into boots for a more trendy look or pull boot-cut or flare jeans over them to elongate your legs. These western boots also look great with short skirts, shorts and long skirts.


4. Over-the-knee boots- Wear these statement boots right and make heads turn- in a good way! Wear them with shorter skirts and dresses that hit right at the top or above the boot. They also look great with leggings and skinny jeans as long as the jeans are snug enough to not bunch up at all on your thighs.




Why do we love boots so much? Because while women’s fashion boots aren’t winter boots or snow boots, they still serve a purpose. A great pair will keep your legs toasty on chilly days while looking awesome at the same time, they increase the versatility of your existing wardrobe and they just make us feel more put together. So, what’s not to love?

The choice is always yours, make it a great one!

~ Lani